Our Story

Falafel Tazah is a family owned and operated restaurant, offering Mediterranean food to its customers, with its first location opening in Redwood Shores in 2013. The concept of opening a family restaurant came from its owner, Mo Obeidi, who wanted to share his culture and heritage with his local community. Together with his family, Mo used traditional family recipes to develop a menu that paid homage to his Middle Eastern heritage. The family business continues to grow and flourish, with customers appreciating the taste of authentic Mediterranean cuisine, and the warm welcome that comes from being served by a family business.

The word “Tazah” means fresh, an important concept for the Falafel Tazah family, which is why they use high quality products, traditional olives and olive oil from the Middle East, and spices that are the foundation of Mediterranean cuisine. The food is not only tasty, but is healthy and full of traditional Mediterranean staples such as falafels, hummus, babaghanouj, tabbouleh, tahini, as well as chicken, beef, and lamb, served a la carte or as a wrap with Lavash flatbread, and much more! The Falafel Tazah family invites all their customers to immerse themselves in their culture and heritage and to enjoy their delicious food!

Since opening their first location in Redwood Shores, Falafel Tazah is proud to have opened another location in Foster City in 2017. Now, in 2020, Falafel Tazah is excited to announce the opening of a third location in San Carlos! Falafel Tazah is excited to share this new location with the Bay Area community and invites everyone to be a part of the family!